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MyArt™ Custom Paint by Numbers Set - 30x40 cm Canvas
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Canvas Size (cm)
30 x 40cm

Turn Memories Into Art With MyArt

You'll enjoy remembering cherished memories as you paint them on a unique MyArt™ Paint by Numbers canvas that we create from your favourite photo.

Whether you're an experienced painter or just a beginner, you can recreate wonderful moments in your life with our MyArt™ custom Paint by Number art sets. 

Why MyArt™ is PERFECT For You

  • A unique piece of art to call your own 
  • A relaxing and enjoyable hobby
  • Suitable for ages 7+
  • High quality materials 
  • Packed carefully

    MyArt Sets Have EVERYTHING You Need

    • Pre-printed finely woven linen canvas - created from your own image or photo
    • Custom Acrylic Paint Palette - 24 or 36 colours in individual numbered and resealable tubs. Our paints are rich and creamy!
    • 3 Nylon Paint Brushes - Small, Medium and Large
    • Reference sheet - For checking colours and placement

    The custom printed canvas has fine details with numbered segments to paint. With a little time and care you'll achieve impressive results that will wow your family and friends!

    Real Examples - Photo (top) vs MyArt™ Set

    MyArt™ Helps You To Relax & Unwind

     Upload Your Image and Order Your MyArt Set Today!

    We have other canvas sizes (up to 80 x 120 cm) HERE

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    Noodle Blanket

    Blankoodle™ Is The Softest Blanket Ever!

    Cast your mind back to your college days... Were instant noodles a staple part of your diet?
    Sure, you can add some egg and frozen vegetables to make it a little more like real food but we all know deep down that this is comfort food 101!

    So why not celebrate your love of this well-loved depression meal with our beautifully soft Blankoodle™ blanket set? 

    There's a range of different designs so you'll be sure to find your favourite noodle of choice!

    Pick A Design - or Get the Whole Set!

    Take your Blankoodle™ to work, leave it in your living room for a fun and stylish throw rug or give one to a special friend for a gift that's guaranteed to create smiles 😀

    Convenient - Soft - Adorable!

    Pillow Size: 45 cm x 33 cm 
    Blanket Size: 163 cm x 95 cm

    Endless Benefits

    • Super Soft Material - The perfect comfort blanket for movie watching, travel or just to keep handy for when the temperature drops. You'll love the super soft high quality PP cotton fabric. Our Blankoodle™ is snuggle-ific!
    • Pillow Case Storage Bag - This 2-in-2 set can be a soft pillow and decorative item, or you can pull out the blanket any time for some well-deserved snuggle  time.
    • Light-weight - The blanket is super soft and light-weight so you can use it in mild weather as well as the colder months of the year. 
    • Conversation starter - Just try using our Blankoodle™ blanket set in public and NOT getting a positive reaction. Its impossible!
    • Iconic design - These timeless noodle packet designs are stylish, retro and colourful. Your Blankoodle™ pillow case and blanket set will brighten up any room.

    For the price of a meal out you can own this beautiful, quirky and iconic blanket set.

    We're confident that you'll LOVE how soft this blanket is! 

    Brighten Up Your Life With the Blankoodle™ Set from Zalarfe

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